Shipping info

Shipping is from India and we can ship Airmail registered or EMS with tracking. As of Fall 2015 the USPS stopped recognizing tracking on registered airmail from India. So if you want to track your orders you MUST use EMS shipping option. Of you use the cheaper option of Airmail you can see that the package was shipped but once it reaches the USA there is no updates. We prefer clients use EMS as it is faster safer, and has a live updatable tracking number.

EMS takes 1-2 weeks on average, and Airmail takes 2-3 weeks. If you are not home when delivered the USPS is supposed to leave a note; however they do not always. And if you do not accept your package your package is returned to us and can be returned in 2-4 months. We will gladly refund you product costs if the products are returned to us. If you ship airmail and the package never arrives, we can not help you with anything unless the package is returned. We have encountered too many cheats that say their items never arrived when in fact it has. As such PLEASE ship with EMS so we can help you.

We do not want your first order, we want your continual patronage and continual belief in us to help supply you.