Shipping Info

Shipping is from India and currently we can only ship with EMS since COVID started.  Covid has basically stopped most international flights so now mail goes via cargo planes and shipping can be slow we are all hoping that shipping will improve over time with the improvement of Covid conditions and regulations. EMS has shipping tracking codes and you can track them using sites like   ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE TRACKING | 17TRACK    Or you would use your local postal delivery service such as for America, AusPost for Australia, Parcel Force for UK.   Please note that for you should click tracking history to see data on foreign movement as does not update the front site with much foreign shipping data.

Currently EMS takes  2-3 weeks but can take longer.  If you are not home when delivered the USPS is supposed to leave a note; however they do not always.   Keep track of your package as you can pick it up at your local post office if you are not hope to get your package.

In note section you can ask us to WAIVE SIGNATURE and we do note this but can not guarantee this, it is up to your individual postal carrier to honor this request or not.  And if you do not accept your package your package is not always returned to us and if it is it can be returned in 2-4 months.

Please carefully look at your shipping information to ensure it is correct.  You are covered by our free reship policy if your package is lost or damaged or does not arrive.   If your parcel tracking does not update for 30 days (from date of last tracking update not shipping date) we can file a trace and reshipment.

We do not want your first order, we want your continual patronage and continual belief in us to help supply you.