Payment options

We want to keep your payments safe and anonymous so we use bitcoin and voucher (which is purchased with paypal at
We love, it is real quick and easy and payments are 100% encrypted….making it the safest and cheapest way to make an online purchase. If you have any issues with your voucher code or anything kindly email us and we can check on the business back end side to see what might be the hold up.

BUT IF YOU USE A VOUCHER and you do not get a code, kindly first check your spam box, when there is a rare issue, that is usually the issue.

Simply click on the link on the payment page, select and buy the exact amount of your redlight purchase including shipping, enter your safevoucher code in the voucher code box on the payment page, done, it is that simple.

Why do we use voucher and bitcoin besides being safe, anonymous and secure? It keeps our prices lower. Credit Card companies charge up to 20% for risk purchases. People using fake and illegally stolen credit cards creates a high charge rate for your purchases, so we can accept Credit Cards directly, but then our pricing will have to go higher to cover these fees. We do not think you should be penalized and be forced to pay a higher rate to profit the credit card firms, hence we use bitcoin and vouchers to keep your charges as low as possible while making it safe secure and anonymous for you.