Payment Options

Our products are priced for payment in crypto coin, as crypto coin is becoming more world wide accepted and used, the transfer fees and exchange of crypto coin means we can give you the lowest pricing.  We use BTCPay automatic payment for bitcoin or you can ask us to send you manual wallet codes which will be emailed to you for our LTC, ETH, XMR, and other wallet codes including our BTC wallet codes.   We do not suggest you pay with an exchange as the BTCpay processor requires pmt to come in timely, but do not worry as long as payment is sent even if it takes long time and if it arrives we can secure it.

Some people are however afraid of using crypto or have not learned it yet and it can be daunting at first.  We do take Voucher and Credit Card.  However there are additional fees to use voucher or card on top of our published prices.  This is because the processor, charges a fee to use their service and as pharmaceuticals are high risk processing the fees are not small enough for us to waive the fees.  We also feel that our prices should reflect the lowest possible price instead of overcharging a higher price to cover processing fees that people who use crypto would not pay for.

We strongly suggest people to use crypto coin.  However is reliable and secure for card purchases.  Go to check out, once you place your order you will be taken to their web site, select check out as guest (guest on their site) as you do not need to have an account with them to pay by credit card.

We do not see, have access to your card information and for safety we do not and will not take card information over email or phone or sms or chat etc…  This is for the safety of our customers.